​​​KinSoul Studio

Our Mission

“In an industry saturated with gaming content of all types and styles, KinSoul Studio recognizes the importance of engaging storytelling and innovative design. Our team is determined to create games that not only challenge players with their mechanics, but also envelope players with our rich worlds and characters. KinSoul Studio will strive to make fresh, immersive, and ultimately fun games for players of all ages and to enrich the culture of gaming for generations to come.” 

KinSoul Studio is made up of a group of good friends with a strong passion for gaming.  We understand the love and excitement players can have for the worlds developed in games, and we aim to provide our players with the richest of experiences.

We are all fairly new to the development side of gaming, and are quickly learning the in's and out's.  So far our individual professions have not included game design, but we believe that having our variety of perspectives, skills, and strengths is what will help us create some amazing gaming adventures. 

Please stick with us through these epic quests of game development, and you will surely be rewarded with games you will love for years to come.