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Destiny's Recipe

This game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in September 2016.  We are deeply grateful for the support that everyone has given us, and we couldn't have done it without them!  Click here to check out the backers and dedicated playtesters that have helped make this game a reality.

While we work on getting Alkemia in stores, if you'd like to purchase a copy, check out our Available At page for places where Alkemia is available, or just email us through our contact form: here.

Hear what the designers have to say about Alkemia's gameplay and world, as well as some of their original recipes.

Watch KinSoul Studio play through Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe.

Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe is a resource management board game for 2-6 players where each player leads an Alchemist through the colorful, hand-drawn world of Alkemia on a quest to create alchemy’s ultimate item, The Crest of Creation.  By gathering from a large array of natural ingredients and purchasing recipes to higher level items, players will race to be the first to create the Crest.  Players will connect with the backstories and motivations of our Alchemists, and are sure to re-visit the endless combinations of items and powers they can obtain.

   Destiny's recipe calls for You.

Welcome to a land where creation is but a simple step away from ingenuity and a few simple resources imbued with ancient alchemy - this is the world of Alkemia.  Prepare to harness the primal art of alchemy and to join the ranks of creators who have been shaping and reforming the raw land of Alkemia into a thriving livelihood centered on a grand city of alchemy deemed Crasis. Governed by a circle of seers and a single Grand Alchemist, who wields boundless talent and protects the ancient secrets of the Greater Elemental Spirits, Crasis now seeks it's next Grand Alchemist, who will be one of the few alchemists attempting to prove their abilities by synthesizing the legendary Crest of Creation. This crest, a fabled mysticism documented to usher the golden age of alchemy and balance, can only be crafted by one skilled alchemist able to harness the 5 elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether using both natural and manufactured resources.

Whether an alchemist prefers to craft with technological concepts or manipulate mysterious forces beyond the boundaries of physical limitations, one must still harvest crystallized forms of raw energy known as Spiritually Enriched Elemental Deposits (SEED). Usually found around the sites of extreme elemental energy or attached to various lifeforms, one must brave the wilds of Alkemia to obtain these valuable crystals. Whether used to empower the Curious Sites found all over Alkemia or to ease the task of creating the Crest, SEED serves to provide many essential functions to your journey through Alkemia.

Gear up and ready yourself to harvest rare and valuable reagents in endless forests and spiritually dense bogs; discover the revered Temple of the Greater Elemental Spirits and the benevolent Tree of Endless Possibilities. Wherever your journey leads you, a world of discovery unfolds before the curious. Available to most but mastered by few, perhaps you will be able to elevate one of Alkemia's up and coming alchemists to the rank of Grand Alchemist.

Destiny has left their fate...to You.