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Long Overdue Updates...Part 2

Things have been pretty busy over here in KinSoul land.  We've been working tirelessly to get our Kickstarter project ready to launch.  That should hopefully be next week, so stay tuned!   On a related subject, Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe has started planting its own roots in other gamers around the country...without us there!   The rules and rule book seem solid and the game is functioning well without us monitoring things.  What a relief!  We'll have a few reviews and impressions to share with everyone once they're ready.  This is a very exciting time for us and we can't wait to share our excitement with everyone...and of course get the game into your hands!


Kickstarter Cancellation and Metatopia Fallout

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the Kickstarter for Alkemia.  With less than a week to go, it is clear that Alkemia isn't going to make it this time around.  To those people who backed us, we cannot thank you enough for your show of support.  We hope you'll be back when we try again.  

We've learned a lot throughout this campaign and we are fully prepared to launch a bigger and better Kickstarter in the future.  We're also toying with some key game changes that we believe will simplify and streamline the game to make it more approachable, especially to new players.  

On the brighter side, we had a fantastic time at Metatopia earlier this month!  We met a lot of other developers and got a lot of insight from their years of experience.  Alkemia held its own while many experienced players picked it apart and asked good questions.  We learned a lot, and as a result of that, we've made some major changes to the game.  The game ideology is still the same, but we've figured out how to make it more user friendly and easy to learn.  We really think players are going to love it!   Now we have to work on all the card and character powers, so until next time!

As for upcoming events, KinSoul Studio and Alkemia will be making a few appearances!  

  • We will be showing off Alkemia at FlameCon in Brooklyn, NY on June 13.  FlameCon is New York City's first LGBTQ comic, arts, and entertainment convention.  We're very excited to be a part of it!!  Check them out at www.flamecon.org and be sure to visit us while you're there!

  • We will be running more demos of the current Alkemia prototype at GenCon 2015 from July 30 - August 2!!  We're overwhelmed with excited for this opportunity, as this will be the largest convention Alkemia has been a part of to date.  We'll be running 6 demo events throughout the weekend.  Event registration is live, so be sure to sign up!!  Seats are limited!  Our events, and all other GenCon information, can be found at www.gencon.com.  


Kickstarter Launch!

The time has finally come Alkemians!  Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe is now LIVE on Kickstarter!  Please check out the page and share it with your friends.  We need all the word of mouth we can get to make this campaign a success.  We have several exclusive rewards available, like: special character pieces, tile/dice bags, a lore book, and more.  Come join us in making this game a success!


Long Overdue Updates

Wow has this year been flying by!  While we were neck deep in TempleCon prep and prototype creation, regular updates to this page had been put on hold.   Hopefully you loyal Alkemians have been keeping tabs of us on our social media to get some of the more recent news.  So without further delay, let's have some updates!

  • TempleCon 2015 was a huge success!  We ran a couple demo events and all slots were full with excited players.  This was our best turnout yet!  This was also the first time our beautiful new prototypes were shown and played.  They worked wonderfully!  We still have some formatting details to work out, but all in all we're happy with the state of things.
  • We've been tweaking some of the game mechanics that have been untouched since Alkemia version 1.  The results have been great so far!  The game play is much smoother and the general feel of the game has greatly improved.  We're play testing these changes now to see how they work out before we expose our dear Alkemians to more crazy ideas.
  • We've also been changing the end game mechanics.  For those of you who played at TempleCon, you'll remember the Keys of Creation and hunting them down.  While we enjoyed that system, it wasn't giving us everything we were hoping for.  So, it has been replaced with the 'Trials of the Greater Spirits.'  Check out the teaser photos below.


KinSoul Studio Is Heading to TempleCon 2015!!

Hello Alkemians!!  It's hard to believe it, but TempleCon is just around the corner.  We are pleased to announce that we will be attending again in 2015!!!  We will be running our prize give-a-way Alchemy mini-game and full game play tests from 2 - 6 PM on February 6 and 7 (Friday & Saturday).  Pre-registration is available for those who wish to play the full game.  Walk ups are also welcome.

If you'll be at
TempleCon 2015, please check out TempleCon's Event page (TempleCon Boardgame Events).  Just search for 'Alkemia' and pre-register for our events.  Seats are limited, so reserve space now!  The cut off date for pre-registration is January 22.

And if you don't have time to try out Alkemia, just come by and say hi. We'd be delighted to meet you and shower you with gifts and praise for being one of our faithful Alkemians.  We hope to see you there!!

TempleCon Facebook page:
TempleCon Twitter page:


Alkemia Character Fan-Art Contest

KinSoul Studio is holding the first (of hopefully many) fan-art contests! Rules are as follows. Please read carefully:
- All interested people must email
support@kinsoulstudio.com with "Fan art" in the subject. You will be sending your fan art to this address as well when it is done.
- All Entries must be in by
November 20th by Midnight EST
- Must be of one of our characters (can be of more than 1 as long as its all in 1 picture)
- Only 1 entry per contestant
- Can be any style (anime, cartoony, realistic, etc)
- Does not need to be colored (however be aware all drawings from other contestants will be judged together)
- Late entries will not be considered
- Entries that did not sign up via email first will not be considered 
Ownership will remain with the artist and credit will ALWAYS be given to the artist. However by submitting a photo in this contest you are agreeing to give Kinsoul Studio unlimited usage rights to use it for promotion of Alkemia or anything Alkemia related. 
- All contestants must include their address in the email if they wish to receive a prize
PRIZES: All contestants (aside from winner) : Alkemia 'tier 2' swag bag
Winner : Alkemia 'tier 3' Swag bag + a very special recognition in-game.

Email us if you are interested, and feel free to ask us any questions through email if you have any!! ART ENGAGE! GO!


CaptainCon 2014 Photos

What a great time we had at CaptainCon!  Thank you to the event coordinators for making our time fun and productive!  And of course, thank you to everyone who came and checked us out!  You can find pictures over in our Gallery section: CaptainCon 2014.


We're heading to CaptainCon 2014!!!

--Anyone Can Be An Alchemist campaign--

Kinsoul Studio's launch project, Alkemia, is a fantasy based game world featuring elements of stream punk influence in an age of creation and expansion. Alchemists gather, manage, and synthesize their resources in hopes to achieve results greater than the sum of their parts. An expanding populous thriving on the art of alchemy eagerly awaits its next Grand Alchemist; or he / she of whom possesses talent like no other.

​Join the Kinsoul team as we highlight our very own alchemist, Kinn, to bring the excitement of alchemy to
CaptainCon at the Holiday Inn in Taunton, MA on July 25-27, 2014. Striving to aid new alchemists on their journeys of knowledge, Kinn and the team will be offering a glimpse into the world of Alkemia with our Alchemy simulation mini game. Utilizing techniques popular among the alchemy underground, our interactive game offers a chance to interact with the team and even win some prizes! Demos of the full game will also be available based on interest.  



In honor of the birth of the world of Alkemia (and a few of the team members' birthdays) we got in touch with the new and rising bakery, The Element of Cake, to designAlkemi-cupcakes for our celebration!  Not only did TEOC nail the colors and the recreations of our character pieces (seen on top of the cupcakes, originally created by Tectonic Craft Studios), but we were able to arrange them like the Foraging Field zone in the game!  If only we could always play the game with cupcakes :)


TempleCon 2014 Pictures!

Check out the Conventions gallery for random shots taken by the Alkemia team at TempleCon! 


We're heading to TempleCon 2014!

We will be running two play testing events at TempleCon this year. Players will get first hand experience playing Alkemia, and will be able to provide feedback that could be used to improve the game before reaching its final incarnation.

If you'll be at TempleCon, please come and check us out.  We will register people to play on site, and be available for questions while the play tests are underway.  We'll be dealing out some nice give-a-ways as well, so come and get them before they run out!

Check out the TempleCon board game event page and search for 'Alkemia' to see where and when the events are happening. We look forward to meeting everyone!!