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Alkemia Production  and Visions of the Future

Happy New Year to everyone!  We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  We sure did!  There's been some exciting stuff happening over the holidays and we want to share it!

Alkemia production is in full swing and going smoothly.  Everyone who is receiving the game will be happy to know that things are moving according to schedule as well. We received some pictures of the progress so far from our manufacturer.  To view them all, check out our Kickstarter update #31 at the link above.  

All of the third party rewards are well on their way as well.  For those keeping track, that's: signed character prints, dice, character tokens, token bags, and music!  It's a lot to manage, but we have a wonderful team working hard to deliver their very best.

Now, a vision of the future *cue mysterious eerie music.*   Around New Year's we all got together and play tested our next game for the first time.  We're happy to report that it went very well and we will be moving forward with this project.  We still can't reveal any details yet, as we want to have some of the art done for the unveiling.  But never fear.  Soon the dregs will settle and all will be revealed.  You can check out a teaser photo of our next game in the same Kickstarter update or on our social media.


Quick Update

Hey all!  We realized it's been a little while since our last update.  There's been a lot going on from managing the Alkemia Kickstarter delivery schedule, developing our second game, and getting organized for conventions for 2017.  I'll say a quick something on each of those topics.

Things with Alkemia are moving along nicely.  We currently have no doubts about being able to deliver on time.   If we're lucky, we may even be able to deliver early!  Wouldn't that be amazing?  We'll keep you updated on that via Kickstarter updates.  

As for our second game, we're continuing to play test and refine the game.  We're working on developing the formatting and have begun designing the logo.  Also!  We've signed on our main artist for the game and she's already producing some great work.  We'll be a lot less secretive about this game once we get our logo created, so until then, please bear with our lack of details.

As for conventions, currently we're planning to attend up to 5 in person, and will have Alkemia present at 2 others with the Indie Game Alliance's (IGA) help.  Not all of these conventions are fully confirmed yet, but this is our wish list at least. I'll specify the status on each of these:

  • UBCon (working it)
  • FlameCon (fully confirmed)
  • TempleCon (waiting on dates)
  • Metatopia (working it)
  • PAX Unplugged (working it)
  • With IGA's help:
    • Dice Tower Con (fully confirmed)
    • Gen Con (fully confirmed)


So Much Has Happened

Hey everyone!!  Although we haven't been posting on our website as much lately, if you're following us on Kickstarter or Facebook or Twitter, then you know a lot has been happening these past few months.  I'll give an overview here, and invite you to check out Kickstarter or our social media for more information.

Alkemia Kickstarter fulfillment has been finished!!!  And with roughly 95% of it being done in June (the advertised deadline).  Not bad at all for a first-time Kickstarter project.  We are beyond excited to have so many backers happily enjoying Alkemia.  And now, thanks to their generous contributions, we are able to start selling copies to everyone who missed out on the Kickstarter!  Currently they will be for sale in only a few places: by us at conventions, IGA (website or conventions), and a handful of smaller stores.  We will be working to get Alkemia on more game shelves as well.  In the meantime, if you (or anyone you know) would like a copy, please email us and we can get a copy to you.

In other news, we've (finally!) announced our second game: Steepseers!  In a land where the power of Steam is dying, taking Steepseers and Steam Spirits with it, you must work to inspire Belief in the people to save your kinds.  We've added an official game page for it on the site, so check that out for more information.  A gallery will also appear (as soon as we start releasing some artwork).  We're very excited about this game and so far the response from play testers has been very favorable.  We will be continuing to play test at the conventions we attend this year, so be sure to find us and check it out!!

Speaking of conventions, here's the updated status of our 2017 conventions.  We hope to see you there! :

  • UBCon (attended! Some pictures have been uploaded to the gallery.)
  • Fan World 2017 (fully confirmed)
  • FlameCon (fully confirmed)
  • Metatopia (working it)
  • PAX Unplugged (working it)
  • With IGA's help:
    • Dice Tower Con ("attended!")
    • Gen Con (fully confirmed)


Alkemia Availability, Steepseers Progress, A New Member!?,

and a Convention Update

As per our usual, it has been too long without an update!  But let not our silence fool you, a lot has been happening.

To start of, Alkemia is becoming available in more and more places, which is very exciting!!  Currently Alkemia can be picked up in 5 locations (3 physical, 2 online), plus through us if all else fails.  But we're not stopping there.  We're currently working out a deal with a couple places around the Ithaca, NY area, and we will soon be reaching out to some of the bigger distributors.  If you're curious how to pick up your own copy of Alkemia, check out our Available At page.

Steepseers has continued to receive play tests and high praise from players.  We've signed on a second artist to help with graphic design, polish, formats, and the box cover!  We can't wait to see the finished art!  We will be demoing Steepseers this November at Metatopia and (hopefully) PAX Unplugged.  If all goes well at these events, Steepseers will enter its finalization phase (meaning its Kickstarter launch will be even closer at hand!).  

KinSoul Studio is thrilled to announce the addition of a fifth member, Jordan.  Jordan brings unique ideas, some prototype-ready games, and high energy to the team and we couldn't be more excited.

Lastly, here's an updated status of our 2017 conventions.  We hope to see you there! :

  • UBCon (attended! Some pictures have been uploaded to the gallery.)
  • Fan World 2017 (attended!)
  • FlameCon (attended!)
  • Uticon (attended!)
  • Metatopia (fully confirmed)
  • PAX Unplugged (attending in an unofficial capacity)
  • With IGA's help:
    • Dice Tower Con ("attended!")
    • Gen Con ("attended!")