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An Update Long Overdue

Wow, does time fly!  So much has happened since the last update, it would be impossible to recap it all here.  Check out our Steepseers Kickstarter page and read through all the updates for the full story.  We'll summarize the highlights here.

In November 2018 we handed over all of the files to LongPack Games, our manufacturer.  Over the course of 3-4 months they worked hard to print and assemble all 1000 copies of Steepseers, the coloring books, and the fortune telling cards.  In April 2019, the games were shipped to us via ocean liner and they were delivered to us in May 2019.

That brings us to now, June 2019.  We have been working hard to get our backer's rewards out to them.  We are making good, steady progress and are almost finished with deliveries.  We are beyond excited to get this game into the hands of our backers, and we hope they are just as excited.  Some backers who have received their games already have reported loving the game and its vivid art style.  We really couldn't have made this game without the help of each and every backer, so from the bottom of all our hearts, THANK YOU!

Once backer fulfillment has completed, we will begin taking Steepseers out to the conventions we attend.  Here is our current schedule:

  • Ithacon: March 23 - 24 (attended!!)
  • GEA Con: May 10 - 11 (attended!!)
  • Destiny Tabletop Day: June 1 (attended!!)
  • Ithaca Fest: June 1 (attended!!)
  • Salt City Comic Con: July 6 - 7 (confirmed!)
  • Play NYC: August 10 - 11 (confirmed!)
  • Uticon: September 22 (confirmed!)
  • RoberCon: September 28 - 29 (confirmed!)
  • RetroGameCon: November 2 - 3 (confirmed!)
  • PAX Unplugged: December 6 - 8 (working it!)

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