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Steepseers is a resource gathering tabletop game for 2 - 4 players, where each player becomes one of the last Steepseers and must work to deliver visions in order to help the public believe in them again, before it is too late.  With the help of a specialty tea house and friendly Steam Spirits, players will gather and steep the ingredients needed to trigger visions and earn Belief.  Just don't forget what's in your teapot!!  Steep your way to victory by collecting the most Belief before time runs out.

Steepseers was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2018!  Thanks to all of our amazing backers, Steepseers' journey towards your game collection is in full swing! 

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There are still those who remember a time when Steepseers, prophets of things to come, were respected and loved. A time, where the power of Steam Sight was celebrated, not spoken of in whispers.  But those days are in the distant past, and with each new dawn belief in the Steepseers wanes. 

Most common folk are unaware that the source of Steam Sight and the fabled Steam Spirits, known only as the Steam, draws its power from the people’s belief in its visions. With belief in Steepseers vanishing day by day, the power of the Steam has faded.  As a result, the Steepseer and Steam Spirit populations are dwindling. Soon, nothing but silent regrets will remain of the Steepseers and their spiritual companions.

In a final move of desperation, the remaining four Steam Spirits have teamed up with the last four Steepseers to reignite the fires of belief and save their kind.  The race against the clock has begun, and in ten days their fates will be decided. Not even the Steam can see what lies ahead for them..

Watch Matt and Adam go over the main rules of the game

Steeping is believing.